Transmission Services

  • Keep Your Vehicle Running Efficiently

  • Prolong The Life Of Your Vehicle

  • Maintain Your Warranty Requirements

Transmission Services

Automatic transmissions work by transmitting power from the engine to the wheels through a fluid medium. The fluid also lubricates moving parts and cools the transmission. Over time, the additives in the fluid break down or the fluid can become contaminated, diminishing its lubricating qualities. Changing the fluid at the correct intervals can help prevent premature wear and damage to your automatic transmission.

Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange

The fluid exchange removes and refills nearly 100% of the transmission fluid held in the transmission, including the torque converter.

Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange with Filter

The transmission pan is dropped and cleaned, and a new filter and new gasket are installed. Then the fluid exchange is performed, which removes and refills nearly 100% of the transmission fluid held in the transmission, including the torque converter.

Manual Transmission Service

A manual transmission is a gearbox located between the engine and the driving wheels. It allows the engine to transmit power to the wheels through a series of gears. Different gears determine the ratios between the engine RPM and the wheel RPM. Manual transmission fluid lubricates gears, bearings, shafts, and other internal components. Over time, heat, pressure and friction break down the additives in the manual transmission fluid. In addition, small particles of metal may come off the gears as they wear and these metal particles can mix with the fluid. Fluids can also become contaminated with water. During the service the old fluid is removed from the manual transmission, and replaced with new fluid that contains the correct additives to keep the manual transmission operating properly.

Do your transmission need to be serviced?

Herbert Automotive™ recommends a transmission service in accordance with your owner’s manual recommended service intervals. Your Herbert Automotive™ technician will check your owner’s manual and let you know the proper service interval for your vehicle’s transmission.

Benefits to you

  • Extends the life of the manual transmission
  • Minimizes the effects of oxidation deterioration due to heat and high speed driving
  • Reduces wear and gear flaking
  • Maintains seals and bearings
  • Maintains vehicle warranty requirements

Financing Available

Unexpected transmission repair? Let us help!


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